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At Giant Beverages, we believe that every family deserves to have natural, functional and healthy beverages to help achieve their nutritional and lifestyle goals. This is why our drinks are bottled using only the best natural ingredients while adhering to high global quality standards. We have poured every bit of nature’s delicious goodness into each uniquely designed bottle, from our corner of the universe to our shoppers…with love!

All our products are healthy, hydrating and nutritious

We use the highest standards and innovative product methods

We use nothing but the finest natural ingredients

Drink Pure. Live Pure.

Valmont is a brand of bottled, water ultra-filtered to match the highest quality standards.

Valmont is a super-premium water bottled to the best of international standards. The water goes through our ultra-purification processes without being exposed to air until it enters our unique bottles, thus preserving its freshness and purity.
Vitamin Water is the low calorie non-alcoholic nutrient-enhanced water beverage brand that actually satisfies thirst without worries about sugar intake.
[-]Blackcurrant-Acai (Defend)                            [-] Lemon-Balm (Calm)
[-] Lingonberry-Boysenberry (Impress)             [-] Pineapple-Passion (Glow)
[-] Orange-Lime (Essential Vit)                          [-] Zesty Lemon (Detox)
[-] Hibiscus (Zobo).                                                     See More
Unlike carbonated and processed sugar-sweetened drinks, it is naturally-sweetened with fruit extracts and enhanced with vitamins and other nutrients to deliver the hydration that the body needs… LEARN MORE



Come Alive with Juice2go.

No surprises when you refresh with Juice2go Fruit drink. It is full of life and excitement.

After 5 years, one lesson rises to the top: the best beverages come from the best ingredients. Juice2go is a Fruit Drink with all natural goodness in it.
Our Juice2go Fruit drinks are lip-smacking ecelllent blends of goodness.