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Valmont Water

Valmont is a brand of bottled water ultra-filtered to match the highest quality standards. It has been packaged in uniquely designed branded bottles to provide refreshing essence to match different lifestyles. Whether at a luxury or quick service restaurant, at home, at work or on the go, Valmont delivers rejuvenation in the most convenient form See More...

Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water is the low calorie non-alcoholic nutrient-enhanced water beverage brand that actually satisfies thirst without worries about sugar intake. Unlike carbonated and processed sugar-sweetened drinks, it is naturally-sweetened with fruit extracts and enhanced with vitamins and other nutrients to deliver the hydration that the body needs See More...


Sojuice is our 100% wholly organic fruit juice brand. Sojuice has been produced using only the best fruits, which have been grown organically, resulting in a high quality product that can compete with any top brand all over the world. It has no added sugar See More...

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