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Sep 2016

Giant Beverages Introduces low calorie "Giant Vitamin Water" into the Nigerian Market

Vitamin Water drink, the low-calorie nutrient-enhanced water based beverage brand introduced to the Nigerian market in April 2016 has introduced five additional variants of the product.

Thenew variants are coming on the heels of massive consumers' acceptance of the five existing variants which are selling out in top retail outlets across the country.The newly introduced variants are Zesty Lemon (Detox), Hibiscus (Zobo), Coconut-Pineapple (Ignite), Acerola Pomegranate (Revive), Mixed Fruits (Refresh).

According to the Marketing Manager of Giant Beverages Limited, bottlers of Vitamin Water, Mrs. Bose Ogunyemi, 'Vitamin Water is an exciting brand that keeps giving consumers something new to look up to. The introduction of these new variants is in line with that visionand we will not drop the ball in producing exciting, innovative and nutritious products that will enhance the lifestyle of our consumers. We urge consumers to keep watching out for new things from Vitamin Water as we will continue to innovate until every taste and preference are covered'.

April 2016

Giant Beverages Introduces low calorie "Giant Vitamin Water" into the Nigerian Market

Giant Vitamin Water has been introduced into the Nigerian market. The new drink is produced by Giant Beverages Limited located in Ikorodu, Lagos. The introduction of the new product, according to analysts, has the potential of reshaping the non-alcoholic beverage market in Nigeria. It will satisfy the yearnings of lifestyle-conscious consumers for healthy non-alcoholic beverage that actually satisfies their thirst without the worries of excessive sugar intake.

Speaking at a media briefing which took place at La Maison Fahrenheit in Lagos, the Marketing Manager of Giant Beverages Limited, Mrs. Bose Ogunyemi disclosed that "Vitamin Water is the healthy non-alcoholic nutrient-enhanced water beverage brand that actually satisfies thirst.

"It is made from demineralized water, infused with natural fruit extracts, vitamin and minerals unlike some carbonated drinks made from chemical compounds and sugar. It does not contain artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. Vitamin Water is a breakthrough product with a range of unique variants", she added.

Vitamin Water comes in a 500ml bottle size with 6 delightful variants - Blackcurrant-Acai, Lingonberry-Boysenberry, Pineapple-Passion, Orange-Lime, Lemon-Balm, and Prickly Pear-Kiwi. Each variant, according to the Marketing Manager, has a blend of vitamins and fruit extracts to deliver refreshing and naturally tasting hydration.

Also speaking at the event, Mr. Emmanuel Akpah, Regional Sales Manager Lagos and South West, stated that Vitamin Water is the first of its kind in the Nigerian beverage scene. He went on to emphasize that "It actually satisfies thirst. It contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to health.

July 2015

With Unique Quality Mark, Valmont Premium Water Enters Nigerian Market

Giant Beverages, Ikorodu, Lagos has introduced Valmont, a super-premium water brand, unique in both content and packaging into the Nigerian market. The new product is coming with a new trailblazing Sport cap offering which is the first of its kind in the industry. With this unique offering, the company, a wholly owned Nigerian company is bent on ensuring Nigerian brands join the league of internationally renowned brands.

Its General Manager, Mr. Ayo Afolabi, said the introduction of the product into the market is to ensure that this mark of quality – which comes in a blazing red colour – is stamped on the product from the onset to differentiate it from the pack and ensure it sets the pace in quality and packaging. "What we are doing is making a statement that Nigerians can produce quality product with packaging that can conform to the highest international standards. This is why our Sport cap will make the difference."

To this end, the new product, Valmont is positioned as a super-premium water produced to the best of international standards. "The water goes through our ultra-purification processes without being exposed to air until it enters our unique bottles, thus preserving its freshness and purity. It is called 'Valmont' for its strong, rich, luxurious and sophisticated background." He added that Valmont is natural and produced to accompany fine food and luxurious lifestyle. Its transparent and minimalistic labeling further gives it an extra touch of class which is expected to appeal to discerning consumers who will stop at nothing to enjoy the best that life offers.

In order to make maximum market impact to meet consumers' varying needs, the product comes in, 600ml, 750ml (Sportcap) and 1.5L 100 per cent recyclable plastic bottles. At a later point, it will also be available in 750ml glass bottles sold only through high-end restaurants, hotels, international airlines and event outfits.

Giving additional information on the brand, Marketing Manager, Mrs. Bose Ogunyemi reinforced the earlier statement that Valmont's Sportcap (750ml). "Valmont is a lifestyle brand that delivers much more than hydration to the consumer. Valmont has the red cap which signifies prestige in Nigeria; it also makes the brand striking and outstanding. That is the fundamental reason the brand promises prestigious quality and purity. "With the tagline "Live Pure," the brand, which is bottled to the highest standards, provides the refreshing essence that matches discerning consumers' lifestyle wherever they are found.

Giant Beverages Limited was set-up to focus primarily on the manufacturing of quality healthy alternatives to the traditional sugar sweetened carbonated beverages. With this mandate, it will fill a huge gap in the beverage sector, a gap for healthy and natural beverages.

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