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Providing a wide choice

Ensuring consumers have access to a wide choice of beverages that suit their lifestyles is key to our approach, and we offer a variety of regular and alternative options.

Our Valmont Water is produced using our ultrafiltration processing system. Though Valmont Water is naturally filtered through an inert sub strata of ignimbrite rock, it is then micor-filtered to ensure no particulate matter enters our bottles. Our water has its own special balance of calcium, silice and other minerals that are healthy and beneficial to the body.

Our Vitamin Water is a low-calorie, vitamin and minerals enhanced water beverage designed to deliver hydration that the body needs. It comes in 10 variants to choose from.

Helping promote active lifestyle

In line with our corporate vision of helping Nigerians develop healthier lifestyles, we partnered with not-for-profit organisations to raise nutritional awarenss and healthy habits:

  • IWOW Zumbathon
  • Valmont Half Marathon
  • 2016 Cycology Cycling Criterion

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